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Change and adjust straps

Q: How do I change a strap?

A: All our straps come with an easy release mechanism on the back side of the strap. To change a strap simply follow these easy steps:

Q: How do I change adjust the length of a mesh strap?

A: The length of our mesh straps can be adjusted to ensure your Artisan & Monkey timepiece fits perfectly. Please follow these easy steps to adjust the length of your mesh strap:

1. Use a thin but firm tool such as a small screw driver or a staple remover to gently lift the adjustment plate of the clasp.

2. Once the plate has been lifted you can slide the clasp along the mesh strap. The closer you bring the clasp to the watch case the smaller, tighter the strap will be.

3.When you moved the clasp to the desired position just press the adjustment plate firmly downward with your finger to lock and close the clasp.

Product information

Q: Is my timepiece waterproof?

A: The water resistance of an Artisan & Monkey timepiece is 3ATM. However, we do recommend that you avoid all contact with water. Please note that water damaged is not covered under the 24-month warranty.

Q: Can I wash my straps?

A: Leather straps: Do not use water to clean your leather as it will dry the leather and might lead to damages. You may use leather cleaning products that you can purchase from a local watchmaker or watch retailer to clean your leather strap.

Nylon straps: Make sure to remove the strap from your watch prior to cleaning. Use cold water and soap and gently brush the nylon strap. Leave it to try on a towel before re-attaching it to your watch.

Mesh straps: Do not use water to clean your mesh straps. Use a TV or monitor cleaning cloth to gently brush over your mesh strap.

Q: How do I ensure I am purchasing an authentic Artisan & Monkey product?

A: To ensure that your product is an original, authentic Artisan & Monkey product it must be purchased directly from the official Artisan & Monkey website or from our authorized retailers. If you purchase products from third party website or unauthorized retailers, you run the risk of purchasing a defective or counterfeit product.

Return and exchange

Q: How can I return/exchange items?

A: All items purchased from can be returned or exchanged within 14 days after receiving the order. For more information or to initiate a return/exchange please visit the Return and exchange section

Q: How does the refund work?

A: Once your return claim has been approved and you have returned the item to us we will refund the purchase amount via the same payment method you initially used. Please note that refund times vary depending on your payment method, bank or credit card provider

Q: I received different products than I ordered. What now?

A: Please use the contact us form to send us a message. Our customer support team will get back to you within 48 hours and will find a hassle-free solution to ensure you receive the correct items asap.


Q: What kind of warranty do you provide?

A: Our products are manufactures per the highest quality standards. All our timepieces come with a twenty-four (24) months limited warranty, starting from the date of purchase. During the warranty, we will repair or replace any defective watch free of charge. Please note that the warranty does not cover any damage/defects of the battery or straps or damage caused by incorrect usage and accidents (shock, fall, contact with water, scratches). For more information or to initiate a warranty claim please visit the warranty section

Q: How do I submit a warranty claim?

A: Please visit the warranty section and complete the form. Make sure to attach a proof of purchase and provide us with the serial number of your Artisan & Monkey timepiece. Our customer support team will get back to you within 48 hours after receiving your claim.

Q: How do I claim my warranty from a retail outlet or third-party websites?

A: Please note that our warranty only extends to products sold from our official website. If you have purchased an Artisan & Monkey timepiece from a retail outlet or any third-party website please contact them directly.


Q: How can I submit an official complaint?

A: At Artisan & Monkey we constantly strive to delight our customers. If we have not met your expectations, please let us know by using the contact us form.

Social media collaboration

Q: I am a social media influencer. How can I collaborate with you?

A: We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with social media influencers. Please send us an email to Be sure to include important information like your name, contact details and a link to your social media profile. We are looking forward to hearing from you.